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Eshop design in Thessaloniki


An e-shop offers your business a place on the Internet!

Consumers, nowadays, no longer have time for daily walks in the market. For their purchases, they use the internet to search for information about the company, brand, or product they wants to buy. So businesses that do not have an online store are becoming more and more inaccessible to the consumers who choose the internet for their daily needs.


The business will no longer be stable, but will spread all over the world

An e-shop overcomes the problems that a physical access creates sometimes (ex.accessibility).The buyer can be found anywhere in the world beyond the local market! The business  can receive orders from existing or new customers in another city or even another country.


Customers love offers

With your own e-shop, you can easily, quickly and cheaply promote your offers. In a difficult time like ours, customers are looking for offers and discounts everywhere. The offers and discounts of your products will be immediately known all over the world, at no extra cost!


Show respect to the customer!

Customers want to enjoy the process, choosing from a huge range of products, services and manufacturers in a short time. Give them the opportunity to be informed daily about your products and services in every detail, without fatigue and discomfort.


An e-shop is open 24/7

The e-shop does not have scheduled opening hours. All orders can be placed during all hours. An e-shop works as a tireless salesperson who can answer customer questions and at the same time execute multiple orders.


Pre-orders & information on products that have been sold out

In case some products are not available, the E-Shop gives its own solution. You can notify users who wish to buy a product that is in short supply,  that they can complete a form so that they can purchase it immediately when it becomes available.


Competition is on!

You don’t have to spend thousands of euros to build impressive stores and grow your sales network! On the Internet, everything is different! The companies that stand out are not the ones that have great facilities or many employees, but the ones that have a friendly and functional online store for visitors and a friendly website for search engines. Online costumers are interested in the right display of products. By making an impressive e-shop, you are able to compete with the biggest names in your field!


Multiple Payment Methods

An e-shop provides the consumer with multiple payment methods. For example, if you incorporate payments via PayPal, you can also accept any credit or debit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express) through the PayPal environment. Cash on delivery or by deposit in your bank account, and even payment in your store can also be used as alternatives.


Reduction in advertising costs

A smart and modern online store is the best and permanent advertisement of all  products and services, thus reducing several advertising costs. With each new product introduced, you don’t need entirely new brochures or other printed and online ads to promote it. All you need to do is upload it to your online store and the ad is ready, without spending extra money!

An eShop provides you with the information and statistics needed for making business decisions.

You can easily detect:

  • How many products were purchased and which
  • When they were bought and by whom
  • What the total turnover per period was
  • What the turnover per product or per product category was

Your business still doesn’t have its own e-shop?

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Eshop design in Thessaloniki


Eshop design in Thessaloniki