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Project Analysis

Project Analysis

At DIGIQAL, we create and design a draft of your website according to your requirements completely for free.

At DIGIQAL we leave nothing to chance. Every website is a new challenge for us. Behind every successful website lay many hours of work, since we aim to develop the best possible plan according to your requirements.

With the first appointment, knowing and understanding your wishes, we proceed with the analysis of website design. Through an extensive discussion we try to get as much information as possible about the subject you are dealing with.

Then three phases follow.

The first phase is the design phase: At this stage we are designing the new website according to the instructions given by you.

The second phase is that of Development. Here the developer undertakes to write quality code for website design.

The third phase and the final phase are the training phase.

Upon completion and delivery of the new website, we provide complete training for free, either on site or using a video conferencing program (Skype or teamviewer).

The purpose of the new website is to give you the ability to update your website whenever you need it at no extra cost and time.